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Join the Drought Response Information Project (DRIP) on Thursday, March 21st, for a workshop designed to help homeowners reduce outdoor water waste as we “March” into spring! 

Space is limited! Click the button below to reserve your spot.: 

Ready? Set. Grow! Featured Speakers

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Rob Davis

Rob Davis, City Forester at the City of Grand Junction, will focus his presentation on local tree-planting strategies for urban canopy resiliency.

Susan Carter.jpeg

Susan Carter

Susan Carter, Water Conservation Specialist at the City of Grand Junction, has a plethora of water-wise landscaping basics to equip you with the knowledge to start conserving water this spring.

Mollie Freilicher.jpg

Mollie Freilicher

Mollie Freilicher, Residential Horticulture & Natural Resources Specialist at CSU Extension, will demystify best practices for watering residential landscapes.


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At DRIP, we're all about the drop, which is why we're helping you gnome more around the valley!💦

We’re the Grand Valley’s one and only Drought Response Information Project (DRIP), a joint effort between The City of Grand Junction, Clifton Water District, and Ute Water Conservancy District! With help from a few experts & valley H2O helpers, our team’s gnomin’ around helping everyone understand how to save a drop.



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Gnome Around with Us


Our Gnome More Gnomes

DRIP’s all about saving the drop – and with the help of these H2O gnomes, we are gnomin’ around the valley providing helpful tips, resources, education, and information to help you be drought aware. Get up to flow with DRIP, as our gnomes teach you how to reduce, reuse, and save H2O – one drop at a time. When you see these gnomes, you’ll gnome more and waste less.

Gnome More with these DRIP Tips

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