As a result of the 2002-2003 drought, the City of Grand Junction, Clifton Water District, the Town of Palisade and Ute Water Conservancy District collectively embarked upon the development of a regional Drought Response Plan. The Drought Response Plan (DRP) was designed to provide Governing Boards and City Councils with a set of options to consider when dealing with a prolonged drought event. 


One of the key components of the DRP was to initiate a Drought Response Information Project (DRIP) to provide public education through all sources of media on why and how to reduce per capita consumption across all water use classes in the respective service areas.

Developed by two local fifth-grade students from STEAM at Tope Elementary, Annalise and Estella have recognized the importance of water conservation and keeping our community informed on simple ways to conserve water. 

Last year during the second worst drought in Colorado history, our community and customers wanted to do their part in conserving outdoor water usage, as 80% of our water is used outdoors. CSU Extension Tri River Area studied the Western Slope semi-arid climate and the needs of the landscape and published the Outdoor Water Schedule. This schedule is designed to help provide healthy landscape for Western Slope specific climates and environments, while helping plants acclimate during seasonal transitions.


For more information about the schedule, please contact CSU Extension Tri River Area.


of residential water use


Standard models use 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

A Watersense model uses 0.8-1.28 gallons of water per flush.

South Platte River

Arkansas River


Yampa River

Rio Grande River

Colorado River

Gunnison River

Dolores River

The Drought Response Information Project is comprised of multiple entities that meet once a month to discuss current drought conditions and water supply. The committee ensures that each participating entity is communicating the same message about water supply and water conservation. 

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